Hidden Willamette Valley Part III

Normally this is the place where I would tell you how to get to this location or give you some hints but I’m not going to that at this point.  Instead I’m simply going to summarize and let you know that because of the paths both concrete and bark dust covered this is a great location to spend some time.

Gem Creole Saloon – McMinnville

Someone mentioned Gem when I was dining at Barrel 47 in Carlton – “Unforgettable Cajun food” and “Amazing” were what I remember during the conversation, so I’ve been looking for a good reason to visit since then.  Now, as some of you may already know McMinnville isn’t my favorite place, and it is more or less the last place I want to ever be, however, I figure the sacrifice may one worth it if the cuisine is as good as I’d been led to believe.  It was during a house-hunting expedition to a nearby town that I girded myself to driving to McMinnville and give Gem a try.