Hidden Willamette Valley Part III

Once again I’ll be intriguing you with an interesting place with some kind of special significance to me.  This one should be a little easier than some of the past articles on this topic.  Just as a brief recap, this series has had two parts already: one that I thought would be particularly difficult to find and or recognize and the other that was a pretty easy giveaway.  This particular one should be somewhere in the middle.  It’s a popular place however I don’t see people visiting it very often at all.

Starting Out

This is how the path starts after finding a good spot to park
This is the view looking right from the parking area as you can see it’s fairly close to a main road
View form the walkway entrance looking left
This is the view looking left from the entrance path I really like the small creek that meanders through entrance to this area

Once you walk into this area there’s a nice asphalt pass that wanders through the area.  The grass is very well-maintained and there’s even a very nice park bench for families to enjoy meals outside, though when I visited the weather was fairly grim and I was one of the few folks visiting.  The small creek that wanders through the area always has very nice pass across and there’s no danger of falling in.

The table is nicely painted and there is a wide area of no grass underneath.  It seems like it would be a marvelous spot to have a meal with family in good weather

As I made my way further into the area more picnic tables can be seen. The organization which maintains this area does a fantastic job of running the grass and maintaining the tables for public use.  There are large areas of grass and other areas of forest.  The grass areas would be large enough to play small games of soccer or any number of outdoor activities.

I like this view because it shows the path the Nicely maintained grass and the picnic tables

Further along is another picnic table and it is here where the path diverges. One path curves to the south going through a neighborhood while the other continues with a dirt path into a forested area.

This picture shows the path continuing to the south through a neighborhood and another one separating to the north into the forest
Towards the end of the path it meanders south to a neighborhood and to the north concrete gives way to a dirt path

The path makes its way into the forest and trees it’s obvious that it’s still very well-maintained.  The path consists of bark dust rather than dirt and mud which would be a problem this time of year.  The path is wide and easy to navigate Volvo it’s difficult to see where the end will be.

Into the Trees!

This picture shows the path and how well it is maintained it's not concrete or asphalt liked earlier path rather dust over a smooth dirt path
Just starting out on the path in the trees, it’s very obvious that this is a well-maintained track and it was very nice to get out of the inclement weather I experienced during the first part of this journey

Continuing along the path in the trees there’re many different directions to go and I wasn’t sure where I would end up.  I remember visiting this area several years ago and ended up on a street quite some distance away.  Though I was unable to find that exact path this time and it may have been closed for any number of reasons.

The path meanders through the trees and it would be easy to be you lost at some point although this area isn’t very large and is surrounded by neighborhoods and roads  This pictures is another one of the paths through the woods

With the times that I made while I was in the wooded area on the dust covered path I managed to make my way back to a section of the mowed lawn.  I was surprised that the area seemed so large and yet I was almost back at the beginning of where I started.  The path in the woods was really fantastic and the difference in the walking conditions made it particularly nice.  You Concrete is nice and keeps up shoes from getting dirty, however the woods are quiet and seem to be still a little wild so that was nice as well.

Exiting the would path the mowed area can be seen This picture shows the view from the end of the pass in the woods looking towards the mowed and landscaped area

Duck Family!

This picture shows a mother and father duck in the stream near this hidden place
I was very happy deceived moving towards the exit along the stream a small family of ducks I wasn’t sure if there’re any babies at this point but the mother and the father watch me warily as I walked by

Covered Picnic Area

In addition to all of the natural Beauty and paths that meander through this hidden location there’s also a large covered picnic area that can be enjoyed by anyone from the public.  There are three large picnic tables covered from the elements and I can imagine it would be a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon.

The covered picnic area is a nice addition to this hidden location. There are three picnic tables that are all fully covered where families and folks can enjoy spending time together
This picture shows the inside of the covered structure and how sturdily built it is
I really how solidly built this structure is and make sure to take a picture of the inside showing how sturdily built it is

Summary and Rating

Normally this is the place where I would tell you how to get to this location or give you some hints but I’m not going to that at this point.  Instead I’m simply going to summarize and let you know that because of the paths both concrete and bark dust covered this is a great location to spend some time.  If the weather is bad or too sunny there’s also a covered pavilion with multiple picnic benches that would be a great place to spend some time.  I think it’s definitely worthy of four and a half HeyWillamettes!


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