Radio Redux – Hult Center – Eugene

A Chicago playwright uses self-hypnosis to travel back in time and meet the actress whose vintage portrait hangs in a grand hotel… If you saw the movie “Somewhere in Time” in 1980, with actor Christopher Reeves, you probably wonder where that door through time might actually be.  Well it turns out that the Soreng theater in the Hult Center in Eugene is one of those quiet doors.  Of course you have to purchase a ticket for Radio Redux, but once you are there..time slips back to the golden age of radio (1935-1960).  Once there it could be any time in those glorious years with fedora hats and double breasted suits for men, flapper hats 1930’s era fashions for women.   Oh and don’t forget the music, and the beautiful Jewel Tones belting it out.


Radio Redux was founded  by veteran broadcaster Fred Crafts, and features live classic radio programs together with live sound effects song and dancing and music from the golden era.  On todays rainy February Sunday, the unforgettable 1935 radio version of the award winning film was presented.

The fast paced story, together with the live band and the sweet voices of the Jewel Tones trio put you in the slip stream of time, and the classy and clever narrative is wonderful.
It is hard to say what exactly is the best aspect of this great presentation..
Is it the wonderful architecture of the Hult center and the Soreng theater?
Or maybe it is the other items that draw interest such as the historical society displays of another time and time..
Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure I pressured my long suffering parents into getting me a REAL LONE RANGER ATOMIC BOMB shown above…I think it glowed in the dark, and was PERFECT for scaring the devil out of my younger brother.  Maybe it was the great special effects system LIVE on stage.


Or maybe the wonderful music playing at intermission?


Nope…it was the GREAT cast doing the usual flawless job of letting us close our eyes and suspending reality to take us back to another time.


Now this is the the theater of the mind…and some of the actors (and voices) play more than one part…and more than one role.

Best idea is to close your eyes a bit and let the slip stream take you back…and back…and back…..

The very best news is that there is still one show left for this season…and here it is…



Radio Redux is a great way to seen an innovative and effective dramatic program in a very unusual way, but one that harkens back to the golden age of Radio.
There is STILL time to get your tickets for the next show, “The Shadow Knows” in April.


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