Creswell Bakery – Creswell

Driving up to the Creswell Bakery on a mid Saturday morning may make you feel you have somehow driven into the past.



The streets may have horses and riders walking along to a nearby trail, or you may see the Bakery Logo in old style print on the sign at the front. But don’t be fooled, this is right here and right now, and when you get in you will find an amazing selection of freshly prepared foods available, based on the  recipes of the past, but with sustainability and local ingredients baked right in.



Behind the scenes are Heidi Tunnell and staff that used to be known at the Heidi Tunnell catering company. Mission Statement ..”our goal is to serve food that will make you smile!”.  The bakery was a smaller part of the work Heidi was doing, but in 2013, she decided that she was going full time with the bakery and changing the business name to the Creswell bakery.


Right away it was a GIANT hit for the small town, and now the hours have expanded also.  Fridays nights 4 to 7 PM bring local musicians to the Bakery to really add a new energy.  Heidi has her professional chops at Culinary events and schools posted on the walls, and as you will see, she really knows how to make food the best, and has the awards to prove it. Heidi trained in New York, worked and France.  So whats she doing in little Creswell.  The truth of it is that this is a labor of love for her, and she like the small town atmosphere, the opportunity to use local farm produce and supplies to make something special.



We thought she succeeded!!  We really liked the spacious seating room for our lunch with the real flowers on every table and the tasty, hot fresh foods served.  We loved the recipe for sour dough bread.


Water, Flour, Salt.  Seems like that is simple enough, but then you have to add the gifted chef.


This is a place that honors the idea of locally grown and produced foods with truly talented preparation and ingenious and sparkling ideas for combing flavors in a new and special way.


Our food was delivered fresh, hot and tasty.  The cold pressed coffee was outstanding, served in a generous mason jar, and the perfect accompaniment to the great lunch.


Parking was easy in both the front and in the shade across the street, service was amazing, and the buzz was great.  Be sure to at least look at the super desserts.  Wonderful old style yet innovative combination of flavors and colors.   Simply outstanding!

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