About HWV

The Hey Willamette Valley website was born from father and son George and Walker while visiting Iceland.  We had such an amazing time and thought that we could tell others (like we were told) about some of the fantastic places we’ve been to in the Willamette Valley – where we live.  We are figuring it would be tough work, but we love Oregon and the Willamette Valley, so what better way to combine our interest in technology, outdoors, and family and other experiences and telling others about all the amazing things we enjoy.

One more thing – I really want this to be a very positive site, so to that end you will never see a negative review here – you might see a negative comment, I haven’t decided how I’ll administer that, but every review I’m going to do will be positive.  If I ever do have a truly negative experience you will never know about it, as I won’t actually do a review.  I think that’s a way to just make things just a little nicer in the world.  Apologies if folks don’t like that, but hey, it’s my site, so there.

Thanks for visiting and if you enjoyed the stories please leave a comment and don’t forget to register because I’m going to be reviewing lots of different places.

My interests and reviews will be about restaurants, motorcycle rides, bicycle rides, parks, festivals, campgrounds, family activities, and anything else unique to the Willamette Valley.  I’ll probably stay a little away from Portland as it’s pretty covered for the most part, and likewise I might not do too much with wineries as those are also heavily covered as well.  But if you have any suggestions about places you think I’d like please send me a note!