Rochester Bridge – Douglas County

Bridge Over Troubled Waters Tuesday – Week Ten!  Apologies again for not posting anything for a week or two, I have been super busy studying for a professional certification and needed to focus on that.  By the way, I passed!  Rochester Bridge is still being used today for daily traffic and was a real pleasure to see.  It’s a bit further south (strictly speaking) than the Willamette Valley, so should by all rights be in the “out and about” section, but I’ll need to get a few more stock piled up to go to that section.  Anyhow, Rochester Bridge is a lovely one!

I stopped the truck a little ways from the bridge and got out to take a look – it was a pretty nice one, with a gentle curve in the entrance that I really enjoy.  As I was walking closer I spotted a very cute sign on the side of the road.  It was a small one that said “There’s no place like home, except Grandma’s”.  The nearest house was a little ways away and one can only assume that was Grandma’s.



Like some of the other covered bridges I’ve visited this one is used as a major thoroughfare, though I didn’t have to dodge any cars like one of the others.  As I approached I noticed the large windows on the side – there are four per side – large curved ones whose shape reminded me of the entrance and exit.


These windows were unlike any of the others I’ve seen before – they had unusually large openings, and while the top was just an opening the bottom was a deep slanted catcher for any rain that might make its way inside.  This had to be one of the best designs I’ve seen so far – even better than some of the others, like Cavitt Creek Bridge – that one has slanting, but the entire window top and bottom was slanted – which made for a rather small opening, another interesting one was the Dorena Covered Bridge – that one has larger openings, but most of the opening is obscured by many slants even tough the opening is big there isn’t much of a view outside.  These on the Rochester Bridge were great!  Large and airy even while being mostly protected from rain.



Looking through the windows – which let in a great amount of light is a fantastic view of the river – it’s not too quickly flowing like some are, but is more of a meandering river.  Still the view is quite nice – Summer in Oregon is certainly beautiful.



I really liked this bridge – it has some of the classic characteristics of many of the other Oregon covered bridges – like white exterior and a gap below the roof to allow more light in, but there are other more fantastic characteristics I thought were just wonderful, like the arched entry and exit and the matching very large windows – with their unique sloping rain guards.


Overall the Rochester Bridge has been one of my favorites – it is still being used to this day and has lasted quite well for having been built in nineteen thirty-three.  It also has some wonderful features, and for all of those reasons definitely deserves five Heywillamettes.


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