Toxic Wings & Fries  – Eugene

Eugene is one of those places where there is simply a plethora of interesting and fascinating places to eat.  I’m starting to realize that many of them seem like they were started in food carts but have moved into brick and mortar buildings.  One of them is the Cornbread Cafe, which I visited recently and absolutely loved!!  Toxic Wings & Fries seems like they started that way, in fact, unlike the Cornbread Cafe the Toxic Wings & Fries cart is still around and can be visited most days.

I found Toxic Wings & Fries while looking for an interesting spot to have lunch in Eugene.  It’s in a small spot on north River Road in Eugene.  The signage is a little small and located above the entrance, but the parking lot is pretty big so just make sure to pay attention when you drive by and you’ll have no trouble finding it.


It’s a smaller place so there isn’t a ton of seating inside, and if it’s a busy time there might be a line of folks as well.  There is seating for about fifteen or twenty folks inside.  The nice thing is that there are several spots to sit outside – some in front of the windows in front and more in an enclosed area in front of the restaurant.


We all went inside and has to wait just a little bit to order – it turns out there was a line, but it took a while to actually decide what to order – there are that many choices there, not only in what to eat, but also what sauces to have – there’s like fifteen to chose from!  The varieties go from mild (Teriyaki, Pesto Ranch, Sweet BBQ) to medium (Spicy BBQ, Coconut Curry, Apricot Chipotle) to hot (Raspberry Habanero, The Burn, Toxic – which actually has a warning label!)



There are also other things that can be ordered besides chicken (though I definitely recommend that is where you start your journey!).  There are burgers, sliders, and salads!  Despite there not being much seating inside the atmosphere is still comfortable.  When I visited it was a beautiful sunny day and the weather was perfect, so we all ended up dining outside, which was just fine.


We all decided to try different things: Nic ended up ordering one of the salads with sweet potato fries, B ended up trying the boneless wings with a couple of the medium sauces (braver than I was!) my folks ended up trying the slider (Amazing!) and crispy chicken salad (super good!).  I tried the boneless wings with the Pesto Ranch and Garlic Parmesan sauces – it was absolutely wonderful!!! The chicken was crispy and hot and juicy inside.  The sauces added so much to the flavor that it’s difficult for me to explain how good it was.





As you can see I didn’t even wait to get the picture before trying the sauce.  They are that good, let me tell you!


One other thing I noticed was the T-shirt and Hoodies that had Toxic Wings & Fries on them.  After trying the food there I was certainly inspired by their souvenir items!

The other thing I only noticed when I was leaving – not surprising actually and ofted found in the health conscious community of Eugene was that the beef that was used is sourced locally and is high quality that is grass fed.  That seems so much better to have ingredients that are local and are healthy alternatives to the mass produced items normally found.


All in all I was extremely pleased to visit Toxic Wings & Fries – the food was exceptional quality and locally sourced.  The sauces were amazing and there was plenty of seating outside – even if the inside is a little small.  There is a good variety of sauces certain to satisfy any foodie and I definitely think Toxic Wings & Fries deserves four and a half Heywillamettes – the only detractor again being the smaller inside seating area, which wasn’t a big deal when I was there, but might be an issue when the weather turns sketchy.



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