Yuki Japanese Restaurant – Hillsboro

Where is Yuki?

Wow, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Sorry about that – earning an MBA, nearly dying (and still recovering), then a stupid pandemic caused some delays in story authoring. Apologies!! However, I’m still alive, relatively unscathed, though scarred and I’m excited to visit new places and write some articles! One of my favorite places of all is Yuki Japanese Restaurant. Yuki was the first place I ever tried real sushi and ever since then I’ve never wanted to try any other sushi place.

Yuki is located in the Orenco Station neighborhood of Hillsboro. Orenco Station features beautiful architecture and brownstone buildings, like many east-coast cities. Yuki is on the ground floor level of a building just off NE. Cornell Rd. on NE Orenco Station Way on the west side.

To go orders only unfortunately. The store has a pretty narrow store-front, but is pretty deep, and in fact has a rear parking lot.

The entrance is pretty unassuming, but there’s no mistaking the location or it’s offerings. Normally quite few chairs and tables are available for folks who want to dine outside. Due to Covid, there are many restrictions, and anything besides take-out is not avaiable (at least when I wrote the story that was the case).

Anything you get here is going to be delicious.

Inside Yuki

Before the Pandemic, Yuki was almost always full to capacity (even outside) and had lots of 2, 4 and a single 5 person table. There are also seats on the bar where patrons could watch the Itamae making their amazing creations. Yuki features many local and imported Saki offerings.

I absolutely love the saki selection – I’ve tried several and can highly recommend any of them with the Toro.
This magnificent art work spans the entire south side of the restaurant’s seating area. Just fantastic!!
During normal operations patrons are welcome to sit at the bar and are just passed the orders when they are complete.
All of the wonderful meat ingredients just waiting for the magic touch of the Yuki Itamae


Even fussy eaters are sure to find something new to try at Yuki, there are many many excellent offerings, and a huge selection of different sushi.

The Gyoza at Yuki are especially delicious!!
I love the Katsu Donburi and have had it many times.
These might not be as good to go but when Yuki opens for regular dine-in business the bento boxes are amazing!
Even more appetizers. I can’t help but wonder what the Heart Attack is or what is inside the Monkey Brain.
These are some of the amazing sushi rolls available at Yuki, I can wholeheartedly recommend everything on this part of the menu – I’ve tried several and each was an amazing treat.
These are sort of typical rolls available at most sushi restaurants. The Albacore Tuna and Toro nigiri are both just amazing.

Food at Yuki

It’s the pandemic and I was feeling a bit hungry and happened to be in the neighborhood for work and decided to stop in and visit Yuki. My go-to favorite at Yuki is the Kentucky and I know -it’s not real sushi, but I like it and it’s perfect for me, so there. I really didn’t have time to get anything else, but the Kentucky was delicious and not too heavy.

Each order of the Kentucky comes with 8 sections – 2 orders was more than enough to cause me to skip dinner that night, but totally worth it.
I sincerely believe I could survive on only Kentucky sushi, it’s so delicious. Just a quick dip into some soy (with a bit of added wasabi) and you have absolute heaven for the taste buds.
This would, of course be the normal ending of any trip to Yuki.

Summary and Rating

Yuki was and still is my favorite of all time sushi restaurants. Any time is a great time for their amazing menu, and I can’t recommend Yuki enough. As far as I know operations are still limited to to-go orders, and sushi is something that should be immediately enjoyed, so keep that in mind when ordering. If things are busy at Yuki, and there isn’t any parking spots in front there are spots available at the rear in a much larger parking lot. Yuki definitely deserves the 5 Hey Willamettes we’ll award them here.

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