Bert’s Chuckwagon Barbecue – Newburg

I never really expected there to be an amazing barbecue restaurant in Newberg Oregon. However as it turns out there are – so far, two that I have discovered.  The first as you may recall is the amazing Storr’s Smokehouse. The other fantastic barbecue restaurant in Newburg is one that I discovered quite by accident while driving through town looking at homes for sale.

Where is Bert’s?

Bert’s is located in a modest one story building on the corner of Highway 99 and Villa road.  The outside of the building is not particularly impressive, however from where I park I spotted the large smoker working happily on a Saturday around 11am.  The smell of smoking barbecue was almost intoxicating.

When I visited the parking lot had several available spaces however by the time I left there were very few spots available and many of the tables were full.

In this picture you can see HeyWillamette Bronco and a small glimpse of the smoker used at Bert’s
Bert’s is in a rather anonymous building.  The main smoker that is used for all of their wonderful creations is just outside the back door and can be seen in this picture past the HeyWillamette Bronco

Outside Bert’s

The entrance to birds has some nice and artistic features which I greatly appreciated.  There is an open sign with lights it looks very vintage and I think adds to the appeal of the restaurant.

The front of Bert's is very welcoming and they're open sign is unique which I really appreciated
The open sign at Bert’s is it different from the traditional neon that is seen at most restaurants and establishments

Burt also has several two-person picnic tables that would be fantastic in nicer weather. The day that I visited was somewhat rainy and gloomy.

I found myself sad that the weather wasn't suitable to sit outside at Bert's picnic tables
The picnic tables at Bert’s are stored outside ready for customers to enjoy there barbecue and beer once the nicer weather arrives

Inside Bert’s

Inside Bert’s Chuckwagon Barbecue is where some of the more interesting parts of their restaurant design is apparent.  Just inside the main entrance many six to eight person tables can be seen.  The floor is very nice slate and fits the rest of the architecture deigns elements very well.  There is a counter eating area near the register where individuals can have their food.

The tables at Bert's are very comfortable as are the chairs.  There is seating for twenty or thirty people easily
The tables at Bert’s have unique coverings and it seems like there’s always something to look at.  On The floor has slate tiles that match the color and design elements of the establishment
I really like the compass rosette next to the checkout counter.  The checkout counter also has three higher chairs that can be used as a dining counter  The checkout counter can be seen along with the high chairs in that dining area
The tables and chairs at Bert's are high-quality and very comfortable - which is good considering that it is a popular place and at times can be very busy
I appreciate how many tables there are at Bert’s.  Considering how busy it was when I left I can imagine there are times when it’s necessary to wait for a table

I always appreciate when business owners and designers add elements of humor to their designs.  Near the doorway to the outside sitting area is a large BBQ sign and right next to that are humorous signs that I liked as well.

The BBQ sign and normal family signs just near the exit to the outside seating area
I like the different colors in the BBQ sign and especially appreciate the smaller signs with regards to the normal family.  it made me appreciate the nature of birds and the fact that it is a family establishment

Burt’s barbecue has won several awards which can be seen near the West wall by the cooking area.  The trophies on display are from the Hazelnut Festival in Donald, Oregon.  There’s even a first place!!!

Trophies for wining barbecue contests around Oregon
The trophies at Bert’s are well deserved awards for their amazing barbecue

Bert’s Menu

I suppose a little old-fashioned. Most restaurants feature traditional menus either paper or vinyl covered or something like that.  As I have noticed at other establishments particularly ones that have higher end and limited quantity beer offerings – there is frequently an electronic sign showing those offerings that can be easily changed based on different available options.  Bert’s has taken that concept and included their menu in such a format. I thought that this was a fantastic idea.  It seems like it would make changing the prices easy as well as making changes to the menu with little cost to the establishment.  Brilliant!

The menu behind the ordering counter can be easily changed and all of their offerings are easily seen
The list of menu items is easily seen behind the ordering counter.  Their are some typical barbecue establishment offerings and other choices – all of which made my mouth water
Burt has an electronic List of items on top easily seen near the electronic food menu
Like many places Bert’s does have a list of items that are on tap which is displayed in an electronic format

Bert’s Food

On these visits I try to get a realistic idea of the quality, taste, and appearance of food offerings.  It is through that sacrifice that I’m able to give you these kind of reviews and I do sincerely hope that all of you appreciate my sacrifices and the work needed to be done to review these establishment. On the other hand some days I just have to order whatever looks like the best.  Today it was the double brisket burger from Bert’s.  Since sides come with the burgers, naturally I had to try the seasoned tots.  I know that you all are grateful for my sacrifice and I appreciate that.

The burger that I ordered had to be seven or eight inches tall and absolutely dwarfed the tots that came with it.  I am not sure how I was supposed to eat this to be can with but I chose to disassemble it somewhat and ended up eating the brisket separately – it was amazing in case you’re wondering and then the burger.  Bert’s food is in the unique position of being both amazing tasting and also amazing looking.  It does seem as though many places will sacrifice one or the other however at Bert’s you’ll find both.

The burgers and tots at Bert's are amazing looking and tasting
The double brisket burger at Bert’s is impressive looking and exceptionally good tasting.  It absolutely dwarfs the tots that came with it – I had to disassemble the burger to even eat it

Summary and Rating

I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that there is not one but at least two amazing barbecue restaurants in Newberg, Oregon.  The latest ones that I have discovered is Bert’s Chuckwagon Barbecue, and I can definitely say that it qualifies as an amazing barbecue establishment.  The inside is quite nice and there is ample seating.  There are times when it may be busy and you might have to wait for a spot to sit, however I can assure you it is definitely worth the wait.  Bert’s food is just amazing and I definitely recommend folks stop there and try their barbecue.  It definitely deserves the four and a half HeyWillamettes I’ll award it.



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