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Reedville Cafe is located just before Aloha begins to the east of Hillsboro along the Tualatin Valley highway.  It’s been around for quite some time and I’ve visited several times, though never for breakfast, so this was a treat for me.  Due to its proximity to super busy roads – both Tualatin Valley Highway and Southwest Cornelius Pass road the entrance is on the north, as is the parking lot.

I decided to try the breakfast here as – like I mentioned, I’ve been here for lunch which is scrumptious, but also because I had intended to go to the Highland Festival at Mount Hood Community College and I didn’t know if there were any new places to try on the way that would be better than Reedville.  However, best laid plans and all that, I woke up super tired, insomnia and such, I was exhausted on that Saturday, but luckily I still made it to Reedville to share all of my amazing experiences there!



This is a pretty large establishment and the interior seems much larger than the exterior.  One thing I noticed was that despite the parking lot being very full there were plenty of seats inside and no waiting either.  The parking lot is pretty big, but there are also lots of business fairly close, so no telling if everyone was parked in the lot to visit other businesses or customers for Reedsville cafe.  When I walked toward the Reedville cafe the first thing I noticed was the large awning stretching toward the parking lot – it lends a sophisticated feeling to the establishment.  Despite being around since nineteen thirty-four the awning  looks brand new.

Once inside the first thing to be seen is a small table with lots of reading materials.  The one thing I always liked about Reedville Cafe was that there are also coloring pages (that have been used – I’ll not admit if it was me or a young person, or both) customers can grab to entertain younger ones while visiting.


The first thing after the table with the coloring materials is a wonderful comfy waiting area with nicely padded and appointed bench seating.  I can imagine there being times when there are quite a few folks waiting for a table, however, the waiting area was empty when I visited.


Directly ahead of the waiting area is a station where the staff take names of customers and in my case, get seated when there is an available spot.  There is a board just behind where the staff wait to seat folks where the current specials are listed – believe me, there is always something fantastic there.  Just to the left is a fantastic display where the most delicious looking deserts can be seen – it’s almost too much to see them before your meal.



Behind is a hallway leading to another seating area with more (less comfortable) waiting spots for folks.  One part I also appreciated in this area were the interior windows – parts of them were frosted, but there was enough to make sure customers don’t feel like they are in a tunnel or claustrophobic.  It thought it was a great touch – it makes the dinning rooms smaller – to control noise, but doesn’t block sight lines, so to me they really add to the decor and serve multiple purposes.


I was shown to my table and it was just as nice as everywhere else in the restaurant, nice woods, comfortable chairs and tables and nice indirect lighting.  There’s also a station where the wait staff can get refills and other items – so there’s never a wait for refills on your ice tea or whatever else sounds good.  My table had chairs, but there are also super comfortable booths that folks can sit at.  They are extremely comfortable and large enough for at least four folks.




I finally had some time to review the menu – there are quite a few selections, however you all know what I’m going to order, don’t you?  I found the chicken fried steak and made my decision – there really wasn’t too much to decide after all.  There are however lots of items on the menu and many of them sounded absolutely delicious.




On the back of the menu is also a history of the Reedville Cafe – I do really appreciate it when customers get a glimpse into the history of an establishment – I’ve seen several that had loads of history – the Log Cabin Inn, the Block House Cafe, Kings Head Pub, and Barrel Forty-Seven – to name a few.  It’s one of my favorite things about this site, learning the history of these classic places – some of them were banks previously, others are new and look like vintage places – like the Blue Moon Diner.


My breakfast arrived pretty quickly as it was just a delicious as the lunches I’d had while visiting Reedville Cafe before.  The gravy was thick and delicious – the bread (always rye!!) was thicker than most breads received at restaurants.  Everything was super tasty and the chicken fried steak itself was larger and tastier than most of the other places I’ve been to so I’m pretty sure I’ll be back soon!

B joined me for breakfast and ordered the eggs and hash and admitted it was the best corned beef hash he’d ever had.  There’s a difference he admitted between normal in-the-can” type corned beef hash and what he received at Reedville Cafe – the Reedville Cafe has completely homemade best-in-the-world hash and he also promised he’d get more in the future.



On the way out I also got a view of the bar area – which allows folks to order special drinks anytime, in fact there is a Bloody Mary drink that is made with bacon!!


Overall the Reedville Cafe is a place I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone – there are things for the kids to do (even big kids like myself), there are nice rooms that are comfortable and roomy, and the food is just fantastic.  The parking lot can be full at times but it’s well worth the wait in my opinion.  Reedville Cafe definitely deserves five Heywillamettes – it’s a great restaurant that you’re sure to enjoy!


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  1. Great article and photos.  I also like the part about the history of the place and the details. I like the idea of the menus being imaged, as it gives a more specific idea about the offerings. I appreciate how observant you are on the write ups.


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