Blue Moon Diner – Aloha

I must have driven by the Blue Moon Diner hundreds of times, but somehow never found a good opportunity to stop.  It’s located across from a large Intel campus and on the way from Hillsboro to Beaverton – in Aloha as you travel east.  As far as I can tell there isn’t any kind of signage on TV highway – which is the large highway it’s closest to.  It’s located toward the back of a large parking lot, but is unmistakable.  The building conjures images of soda fountains, poodle skirts, and t-bird cars.  It’s shiny aluminum exterior beacons hungry diners into its 50s themed interior.

As I got out of my vehicle – the bronco today, so happy!! I surveyed the exterior of the Blue Moon Diner again, this time from closer than I’d seen before.  It looked like one of those converted rail cars that were popular many years ago to be turned into diners.  Even close up the shiny aluminum was impressive and polished to a mirror sheen.  To the right there are six small round tables where diners can enjoy outside meals when the weather is cooperative – today the weather was not as perfect as it had been for the last couple of days – it’s a little overcast and cool outside – not that I’m complaining, because for me it’s perfect.



The entry has many many photos of former visitors enjoying their meals at the Blue Moon Diner.  There are tons of pictures hanging with many smiling folks very happy with their meals.   The exterior colors – a nice blue with light grey continue into the restaurant.  The accent tiles are blue with white and grey inside and the combination works great.  The inside of the diner feels even more like a classic fifties diner than the exterior.  The music that is playing is period correct and the ambiance is absolutely fantastic.  Right near the door there are several classic Coca Cola signs and adverts.  I slowly walked to a table a took it all in, enjoying everything.  There is a fresh pie refrigerator where customers can select a slice of pie for their desert.  There are seven swivel stools at the counter where singles or anyone really can enjoy their meals.  There are several small tables and quite a few very roomy booths.





As I sat down I noticed the ceiling, it’s aluminum patterned squared about eighteen inches by eighteen inches, and lends a ton of ambiance to the place.  I also noticed a small stand selling souvenirs from the Blue Moon Diner, which I thought was fantastic.  It seems like an iconic place, so why not, right?  There are nice specials written on a dry-erase board above and behind the counter where customers can easily see them.  I also noticed the waitresses have automobile seatbelt-buckle fasteners for their front gear and pad holders – really cool touch there.   




Finally I settled down and checked out the menu – the theme was continued there as well – looked like something just taken out of the 50s.  I really liked the way the menu was designed and looked – the colors (the blue at least) matched the blue that was all over the restaurant outside and inside.  I ended up ordering (no surprise here, don’t judge, ok, I’m a little tired!) the chicken friend steak and eggs with hashbrowns and toast.  I asked for it with gravy on the side and the eggs over medium and the hash browns crispy – because I’m fussy.


I got my food in very short order and it was exactly as I’d requested.  The gravy was thick and had lots of bits of sausage in it and was absolutely delicious.  The rye toast was fantastic and buttery and perfectly toasted.  The hash browns were crispy and delicious and when I put the eggs on top of the hash browns and mixed them all up (yeah, weird I know, but I’m from the south)  the eggs didn’t break until I chopped them all up – over medium as requested.  Everything was absolutely delicious.  I’m very pleased I finally took the time to visit the Blue Moon Diner and got a chance to sample their excellent fare.  Very tasty and worth it!


Overall I give the the Blue Moon Diner four and a half HeyWillamettes.  It’s  a fantastic alternative to the chain restaurants (which I’m generally not in favor of) in Aloha and have a nice selection of tasty foods that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  The ambiance is wonderful and you’ll feel like you were transported to the fifties for the entire time you’re dining.


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