Rock-N-Wingz – Hillsboro

I’ve been here quite a few times and may just have been here their first week when they opened – it’s been around for about four or five years.  The owners moved the business here from Roseburg and have been making a great hit in Hillsboro with a fantastic blend of amazing home-made sauces and super good food refined from years of feedback and research.  Rock-N-Wingz is located is a small retail park in Hillsboro on NE Cornell Road and might be a little easy to miss, so be sure to look for it.  If things are busy there might be some fight for a parking spot but believe me it’s worth it for the food here.

The exterior of Rock-N-Wingz has a cool flames and bikes theme which completely works with their indoor esthetic and the colors match well with the indoor colors as well.  The front has large windows that lets lots of light in and the the business theme “We Sauce ’em – N – Toss ‘em” is emblazoned in the front window.  There’s also a large lit sign above the windows that can be easily seen from the street.


Inside there are quite a few super comfy ergonomically shaped chairs that are well shaped and very easy to move – which is a very nice feature.  There’s seating for about thirty five or forty people with most being at tables in the center.  Two booths on the west wall allow four or five person parties to dine together and for folks who prefer it there is a bar-type seating area with very nice marble on the top.





I walked past the tables and meandered up to the ordering station.  Here there are quite a few varieties of the amazing sauces that can be sampled by customers.  I’m a huge fan of the Venice USA, SuperFly Thai, and the Wild Garlic, however there hasn’t been a flavor I haven’t absolutely loved so far.  All of them have been amazing, and I’m sure you’ll think the same.  Be sure to try several before ordering if you haven’t visited before.


Also at the ordering station are a few different colors of bandanas that can be bought – here’s a secret – the bandanas cost $10 (I think) but every time you come in that bandana – if worn (anywhere visible) will be worth a $2 reduction the bill.  If you’re planning on visiting (and you will – believe me) you should definitely get one.  Or five.  Just saying.  Though you might only be able to use one at a time.  Might want to double-check with that one.


I finally looked up at the menu and spent a moment or two contemplating what to order – though I’m fairly consistent, no, I wasn’t going to order chicken fried steak – I’m not sure why you even thought that – weird!!  I did decide to get the regular order of bird bites (boneless) with Venice USA and a half-order of Ringoz.  If you get those in a combo it’s like a bird bite combo but with a $2 upcharge because of the onion rings – which are fan-freaking-tastic.


After I ordered I looked around again, there are quite a few small polariod-type pictures of folks who have tried the Wings of Fire Challenge which involves (and I’ll try to explain this correctly – so please correct me if I’m wrong) trying the worlds hottest in the world hot sauce home developed by the heat masters at Rock-N-Wingz in their secret mad scientist laboratory under strict conditions.  The challenge is to consume like six of the wings in a specified period of time with no water until after a specified interval.  Let me tell you one thing.  One the wall are looks of absolute pain.  The folks at Rock-N-Wingz are tough!!!!  I haven’t tried the challenge yet, not sure I’m manly enough, but I’ve smelled some of the normal hot sauce and I cannot imagine how much heat is in the really hot sauce.  You need to sign a waiver before trying the challenge and must wear gloves.  Wow.  Just wow.  So awesome.




The Rock-N-Wingz mascot is this chicken who wears this USA flag bandana on his head and boots.  Seems a little odd, but it works with everything else here and is just awesome.  Oh, yeah, the music in Rock-N-Wingz.  Well, it rocks!!!!!!  As I was writing this I wish I’d made a list of all of the fantastic music that was being played.  It definitely lives up to its names.  Rock.  Wings.


Soon enough my food arrived, and if it’s possible it tasted just as good as it looks!!!!  Not to sound too much like a broken record, but the sauces Rock-N_wingz uses are truly amazing and that is why (amongst eleventy-nine other reasons) I’m so pleased that Rock-N-Wings is here is Hillsboro.  I’m glad I was introduced to this place a few years ago and their food has remained the spectacular product it has always been and I’m hopeful it will stay around for a long time.  As long as they are making those wings I’ll be eatin’ ’em!!!    I give Rock-N-Wingz five HeyWillamettes for their fantastic sauces, their awesome music selection, and their wonderful longevity as a business.  I salute those brave innovators of saucy hotness (or is it hot sauciness??) at Rock-N-Wingz as a great business with fantastic offerings!!!


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