Telvet Coffee – Forest Grove

I drove by Telvet Coffee a couple of weeks ago while I was out and about.  I always like to try new spots and when I saw the grand opening sign outside Telvet’s I was pretty intrigued.  Its a beautiful Victorian-style building and is just gorgeous from the outside.

How do I find Telvet Coffee?

Telvet Coffee is located in Forest Grove between Nineteenth and Pacific avenues on the west side of the street.  You’ll immediately notice the stately royal blue painted Victorian house there.  There is ample parking in front along the street and also behind.

Outside Telvet Coffee

Telvet Coffee is actually an older victorian style building built in eighteen-ninety.  The building color is gorgeous and the landscaping it fantastic!  There are large carefully trimmed bushes flanking the front steps and I can only imagine how amazing they will look in full bloom – reason enough to make a return visit!!

The front of Telvet Coffee on a beautiful clear winter afternoon
The front of Telvet Coffee – the large plants on either side of the front steps should look lovely in the spring

Walking up to the steps to the porch, an outdoor seating area can be seen – there are enough tables for a couple of groups too enjoy the weather – when it cooperates.  Another thing to point out is that the porch would have very nice sunshine in the early morning to shade in the afternoon – when the day is it’s hottest.  Telvet Coffee has a fantastic porch I will definitely be  visiting again to enjoy some of their coffee while watching the sun rise.

Telvet Coffee front porch, nice couple of chairs and tables can be seen
There are a couple of comfortable tables and chairs on the porch at Telvet Coffee

Inside Telvet Coffee – first floor

Inside Telvet was a real treat, just inside the front door is a staircase to the second story, but I wanted to explore the first floor first.  The windows and doors are surrounded by wide white trim that looks very impressive contrasting against the dark green of the first floor paint.  The architecture has remained the same and most of the interior fits well with the exterior.

Just inside tell for coffee is a beautiful staircase leading to the second floor.   One of my favorite features is the wide white trim and dark green painted walls
The dark green paint and white trim inside the entrance of Telvet Coffee gave a very warm and pleasing feel when I first stepped inside

Just after entering the first thing that easily seen are a pair of magnificent wingback chairs.  They flank a very impressive Electric fireplace and I can verify that they are extremely comfortable.

the white fabric and Wood trim on the wingback chairs near the front entrance perfectly complement the Victorian aesthetic
Wingback chairs near the front entrance fit perfectly with the rest of the Victorian exterior

I made my way to the main counter and the first thing I noticed was a large deli cabinet that featured several varieties of tasty treats.  I had already had lunch earlier so wasn’t prepared to eat anything at that time however the variety was quite interesting and everything looked just wonderful.

The deli cabinet has a nice selection of refrigerated tasty treats
The deli cabinet is filled with a nice variety of tasty treats that will complement Telvet Coffee’s amazing selection

I’m a big fan of fancy coffees.   I don’t have much use for regular plain coffee unfortunately.  My favorite coffee is a nice dry cappuccino with several shots and french vanilla flavoring.  The selection at Telvet Coffee was more than I normally see at other places like this there were quite a few specialty items that the barista encouraged me to try, but it was my first time so I stuck with my favorite. I can definitely say that the coffee was some of the best I’ve ever had and kudos to the barista and to whoever purchased the beans to begin with.  Telvet coffee also has a few wonderful breakfast items and a couple of lunch items so coffee isn’t the only thing on their menu!

The Telvet coffee menu has many favorites but also some ingenious creations
Menu at Telvet Coffee has several specialty items which sounded amazing
Near the coffee ordering station is a room that offers some privacy if patrons would like that
Ssmall room to the left of the coffee ordering station where groups can have private conversations

Inside Telvet Coffee – second floor

Coffee safely in hand I made my way to the second story of Telvet coffee and was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived it has been beautifully refinished and offers several large seating areas one of which can be used to host meetings or classroom sessions which I know are scheduled. There is also a another room that is suitable for studying or just hanging out with companions.

Looking down the stairs from the second-story the color scheme at Telvet is much appreciated
Kudos to whoever chose the color scheme at Telvet Coffee – the dark green wall paint, dark wood railing, and red stairs make for beautiful contrasts

At the top of the stairs after a quick right turn the door to the left enters into a classroom style room this would be an ideal space for group studying and for classes to be taught – something I know Telvet has scheduled frequently.  I particularly like in this room the dark ceiling color, the beautiful wood floors, and the large chalkboard available for folks to use  during classes or group study sessions.

The first room at the top of the stairs has a beautiful dark finished floor, large table for group discussions, and a chalkboard
The classroom at the top of the stairs at Telvet coffee is a wonderful meeting space and several people could participate in discussions

The room across from the classroom has a similar floor but is much less formal.  There are several tables suitable for individuals or groups to have study sessions or two sit around and chat and discuss ideas. I really like on the north wall the cascading style of Christmas lights or LED lights which at night would be a welcome dim illumination.  There are several comfortable chairs here that I can see myself studying (or just relaxing in) for hours – if I ever had that much free time!

The room across the way from the classroom has many comfortable chairs and several tables suitable for laptop use
This room is a nice spot for using your laptop.  I’m happy to report the Telvet Wi-Fi is quite fast and suitable for most needs
I really enjoy the contrasting colors  the flooring on the second floor is a beautiful hardwood and continues throughout the entire second floor
One thing I liked about the upstairs is the different tram in these rooms the walls were very light colored and the trim was very dark colored the opposite of the first floor

Summary and Rating

I was very pleased and encouraged to visit Telvet Coffee in Forest Grove.  The beautiful exterior, the fantastic porch, the period furniture inside, the wide expanse of coffee offerings, the second floor, and the variety of different seating options available made for a very nice experience.  I can definitely say that I will be visiting Telvet coffee again in the future very soon.  I wholeheartedly recommend you’ve visit and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.  It definitely deserves the five HeyWillamettes I’ll award it!



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