Ridgewalker Brewing – Forest Grove

Ridgewalker Brewing is located in an old post office building.  The building itself looks nigh indestructible and is a monument to fantastic engineering of yesteryear.  The experience visiting was fantastic and I can definitely recommend folks give it a try.

Where is Ridgewalker Brewing?

Ridgewalker is almost directly across the street from one of my favorite places – Miget’s Island Grill – another place you definitely need to visit.  Ridgeway is located in an old post office building – if you look carefully at the outside it’s easy to see the architecture is very similar to most other vintage traditional post office buildings.

Arriving at Ridgewalker Brewing!

I was fortunate enough to be able to park directly in front of Ridgewalker.  Something to be aware of is that the parking just to the east of the building is only for employee parking – it’s marked but I wanted to make sure you all knew.  No law breakers here!!  As I walked up to the front I couldn’t help but notice the curved covering over the entrance – which is very similar to many post offices I’ve seen before.  It’s a fantastic idea that Ridgewalker has taken so many original elements and made them part of the road appeal of the business.  The original construction date can also be seen from the first steps inside – there is a stone arch over the front door that shows nineteen twenty-one.  This building has been there over ninety-five years!!  Amazing!!

Ridgewalker front door and arch
The front door is a large wooden and glass door and is ornate and vintage.  The front arch shows the construction date – over ninety-five years ago!  The original metal and glass covering over the front door is also a nice feature that has been retained

Inside Ridgewalker Brewing

Just inside the front door the vintage aspect is maintained but different, the inside features several large leather couches on the right.  One the left side – and further down on the right is a row of very impressive booths designed with black steel and wood sections carefully sealed.  The combination is very very impressive and the seats while looking very attractive are also very comfortable.

Couches are just near the front door and look extremely comfortable
I can imagine spending time with a study group – Ridgewalker is very close to Pacific University in this comfortable spot
Bench seats are entirely made from unfinished (but sealed) wood
The seats were comfortable, despite looking a bit tough to sit on.  The look is amazing and the general esthetic was fantastic

The middle of Ridgewalker is a giant family style seating area where there must be twenty or thirty spots – I wasn’t able to get a picture as I didn’t want to disturb folks who were already dining there, but it looks really nice and I can imagine having a nice meal there and chatting with other customers.  Over the family seating in the center of Ridgewalker is a very large ornate construct which breaks up the ceiling and adds visual interest – this is a great addition to the ambiance and looked just wonderful.  The hanging construct looked great with the benches as it was constructed with similar wood and has similar black steel holding it together and suspending it from the ceiling.  The other thing the ceiling has which are purely functional in this instance is the sound – dampening panels mounted on the ceiling.  There was another place, The Block House in Dayton that I was concerned didn’t have them, as I could see it getting very noisy, but Ridgewalker Brewery has addressed noise levels by installing these onto the ceiling – great planning as far as I’m concerned.

The ceiling has a suspended construct of beautiful wood and black steel on it
I hesitate to call it a chandelier – there aren’t any lights hanging off it, but I’m not sure there’s a proper word to call it.  Fantastic is all that comes to mind – particularly with the halloween decorations on it

Food and Drink at Ridgewalker Brewing

My favorite part of Ridgewalker Brewing and something I’ve noticed before for example at ABV Taphouse is the electronic listing of the various items that are on tap.  The electronic board is located above the bar area and shows everything currently available.

Electronic Tap list
This is a fantastic feature that never fails to amaze me – the brews all listed electronically and rices for all the different sizes as well

I wandered up to the ordering area and spent a few minutes deciding, I’ve had mead on tap, but Ridgewalker didn’t have – not a bad thing which allowed me a chance to expand my interests.  I ended up trying the Seven Bridges Burgundia – which I was told was a Sour Red aged in Pinot Noir barrels, and made in Silverton.  The ABV was nine percent and it tasted absolutely fantastic!!!  I didn’t guzzle it, many brews go down easily so it ends being over too quick, but this one was just amazing.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The bar itself is also a very nice one, the staff was personable and very helpful, and dressed in halloween gear.  There’s a nice spot where the specials area easily seen (when I went the specials were kimchi chicken wings, a smoked turkey sandwich, fish tacos, and shishito peppers – which is a great variety and not typical bar food.

The bar area is where food orders are placed and is decorated for halloween
The bar has very nice seating itself and it’s where orders are made.  I really liked that the staff had decorated for halloween and were dressing for the parts too

I ended up ordering hushpuppies to go with the Seven Bridges Burgundia beer I was enjoying and let me tell you – the hushpuppies at Ridgewalker Brewery are really really good.  Like amazingly good.

Hushpuppies at Ridgewalker are just fantastic
You can see I managed to eat quite a few before even taking the picture, I know, bad form.  But they are so good

Summary and Rating

Ridgewalker Brewing is located in a vintage postoffice in Forest Grove, I really appreciate all of the original vintage features that have been maintained here.  The wonderful ambiance continues inside with raw wood benches, central family seating in the middle, and a wonderful ceiling feature that is just breathtaking.  All of the furniture and structures are constructed similarly which really adds to the appeal.  The bar and it’s electronic board list of items available on tap is super impressive and one of my favorite parts.  Overall Ridgewalker Brewing deserves five Heywillamettes – the exterior, interior, beverage selection, and food selection are all top notch and I recommend you visit as soon as you have an opportunity.

Heywillamettevalley five out of five rating

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