Miget’s Island Grill – Forest Grove

Well, I might have to change my favorite place to eat.  If you asked me a day or two ago I’d probably have to have said something else – not sure exactly what it would have been, but now, it might just have to be Miget’s – which is pronounced “Mee-Get’s”.  It located in Forest Grove and one of the other folks that is affiliated with HeyWillamette recommended I give them a try and wow, I’m glad I did.  It’s right off Main Street in Forest Grove in a small unassuming location.  They’ve only been there for about a year and a half according to owners Mike and Sarah.

The sign was a little tough for me to see – because my mapping software on my phone is probably smarter than I am, so even though I thought I knew where I was supposed to go it did know where to go.  I just waked a little further down the block where it actually wanted me to go and the sign was right there – exactly where it was supposed to be.  The sign faces sideways and can easily be seen from the foot traffic that likely arrives from the nearby Pacific University.  It’s about half a block off the main downtown business area, and in a nearly perfect location if you ask me.  There is plenty of signage facing outward and if I had driven by I would have seen everything and had absolutely no confusion – my fault, really.



The first thing you’ll notice when you enter on the west door is the nice display of souvenir t-shirts and hats, you’ll want to remember those, because you’ll want to remember the amazing food you’ll want 24/7 and be unable to get – so having a t-shirt will be a great reminder.  There’s also some nice tropical themed decor and pictures.  The dark wood conjures imagery of the tropics and what it must be like in Hawaii on a sunny shore waiting for a luau.  There are some nice artworks that instantly transported me to that last wonderful vacation (about fourteen years ago now) to Hawaii.


I sat at the barstools looking outward which was nice.  The stools, despite the looks are surprisingly comfortable.  The colors compliment the decor nicely and make one think of the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.  The dark wood reminds guests of the dark wood found on the koi tree and the dark floor is reminiscent of the black lava found in Hawaii.  The decor is simple but works amazingly.  Reminiscent of the enduring and relaxing nature of the Hawaiian islands themselves.  I found myself rather tightly wound when I arrived, but after talking to the owners feeling much more relaxed and while dining I just enjoyed the atmosphere and was able to unwind from the day.




There is a nice divide between the ordering area and the dining area.  Though the smells of the cooking food is a reminder that no matter what you’ve chosen there is always something else delicious to try.  I talked to the owners and got some small samples.  They were all amazing.  My favorite turned out to be the Shoyu Chicken.  I unfortunately had a large lunch (and will be doing a review of that place soon!) and didn’t want to get too full, so ordered the #1 portion of the Shoyu Chicken.  It was a little sweet and amazing succulent.  Over rice it was just heavenly.  Then Mike one of the owners came out and gave me a small cup and said to try this – it was a cup of creamy Sriracha sauce.  Wow.  Just wow.  This was the cherry on top.  I’d tell you how much I enjoyed it, but it might be best if you saw my plate – no, it wasn’t licked clean, but nearly!!!  I cannot describe and don’t have the words to fully detail how good this was.  Suffice to say that I can wholeheartedly recommend that everyone must immediately stop reading this article at this point and immediately go to Migets and get the order I’ve described above.  It’s the Shoyu Chicken over rice with creamy Sriracha sauce.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.





Ok, good, you’re back.  See what I mean?  That was worth it, right?  Just wait till you try some of their other stuff.  It’ll knock your socks off!  I’d give Miget’s Island Grill all of the HeyWillamettes I have if I could however that just really isn’t fair as I haven’t really done a proper survey, and let’s face it, there might be some other places that are good – and we don’t want to be that biased after all now do we?  Anyhow, I can say that you will absolutely love Miget’s Island Grill, the prices are fantastic, the food is incredible, and the owners Mike and Sarah are super nice amazing folks.  They really deserve the five HeyWillamettes I’m happy to give them, and I for one will be making many more trips to Forest Grove to enjoy this rare treat with the island flavor.


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