Hidden Willamette Valley – Part 1

This will be an occasional series I’ve decided to start where I’ll talk about a place I like that may not be the easiest to find or gain access to.  It may be a challenge to find – or you may not be able to find it.  That’s part of the challenge, however this particular one is a place I like and part of my doing this allows me to show you different places I enjoy visiting.

This one of those that probably wouldn’t be the easiest to find.  If you’ve been here before it might have been for a specific reason.  Or not.  Yeah, I’m being cagey, sorry about that but I don’t want to give too much away, sorry.  It was a beautiful day today and just ideal outside about seventy degrees and sunny – no clouds in the sky but just gorgeous – one of those days I wish I was on the Blackbird (sigh!!!).  I had a few minutes to spend relaxing so didn’t mind taking a few pictures and writing a story for you.  There are a couple of very nice spots that are used for therapy for folks who need help walking up stairs so there are some nice wooden stairs here with nice railings and easy steps and them being here in such a beautiful setting makes things much easier in my opinion.



There are quite a few beautiful plants here, and the air around the plants is very aromatic and cool.  These three pots are artfully arranged and have automatic watering systems.


There are benches against the walls that folks can use to take a load off that are made from hardwood and very comfortable as they are slightly curved to be more comfortable for the human shape.


There are pots against the walls that provide nice visual differences from the brick that would normally be seen – the building is brick.  The pots are watered automatically and the plants are healthy and thriving.


There are more planters against the walls with a beautiful bench with a back against another wall – the plants there are healthy and there are lights built into the planters that will illuminate the ground at night creating a beautiful nightscape.   In the middle there are a few small informal meeting spots – there is a four person round table with high-quality hardwood high-back chairs.  I’ve seen folks having meetings there before and can imagine it’s a great place to get away from a boring meeting room.




Another gorgeous feature is a large set of copper leaves which are artfully mounted on the north wall between benches and planters.  It adds quite a bit of class and quality to the garden and is an elegant addition to the area.


There is another full planter near the “wall” that looks out over what would be balcony area.  The plants grow up pretty high, so there really isn’t much of a way to look out but the planter is fantastic looking and has a couple of single chairs that folks can sit on to read a book, tablet or just enjoy the environment.



One of my favorite features of the garden is this massive table that has an amazing water feature in the middle (which has rather low pressure lately) but also has really nice spearmint plants around the water feature.  The area around the plants and water feature have beautiful inlaid glass tiles and rocks.  It’s a great place to do some writing (I didn’t write this article there, sadly) or have a lunch, or have a chat with a friend.


Because I’m not completely heartless I’m including a picture I took looking out the fence looking down.  I’m sure lots of folks will be able to figure out where this spot is, don’t ruin it for everyone, please, but I hope you enjoy it.  If you have any suggestions for new spots you think I’ll like let me know.


This garden is a magical space and deserves five full HeyWillamettes.  It’s a fantastic spot to relax for a few minutes, it’s purpose it to help folks, and quick meetings or get-togethers can happen here.  I’m hopeful folks will get to visit this place, though I hope the circumstances aren’t too unpleasant.


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