Maridon’s sign is large and easy to spot from the wealth of available parking spots

Maridon’s Cafe – Forest Grove

First of all let me sincerely apologize for being away for so long, you know how it is – life, work, etc. gets in the way and something has to give, I hated to take a step back from Hey Willamette but I needed to – now, however I’m back (at least part time) and will try to get some more great stories out to you all and let you know all about the best places to visit and experience in the Willamette Valley.

Where is Maridon’s?

So, there is a bit of history with this place – when I moved to Forest Grove in 1999 my dad would often visit me while on his way to his weekend military duty – he lived in Eugene and needed to get to Seattle, so I was a good stopping point.  Maridon’s was the place where we ate breakfast on Friday’s when he visited – when breakfast was over I’d head to work and he would head to Seattle.  I remember it being a very tasty place  HonestLy I’d forgotten about it until recently I made a wrong turn and ended up driving through the parking lot.

Outside Maridon’s

Maridon’s is located in a not-so-fancy strip mall in Forest Grove.  It has a rather plain front that belies the wonderful food and atmosphere inside.  One of the advantage not normally appreciated is the plethora of available parking spots very close to the entrance to Maridon’s

Maridon’s sign is large and easy to spot from the wealth of available parking spots
Maridon’s has a nondescript front entrance but the sign is large and easy to spot once you are in the Ballad Town Square – where Maridon’s is located

Inside Maridon’s

Inside Maridon’s are two types of seating areas – the first one are very comfortable booths with high backs and very plush backs and seats.  These seats are great and afford the diners some measure off privacy.  When I visited there wifi was good (I hadn’t yet gotten my internet at the new place, so it was a rare treat to have reasonable speed network).  The second area that many diners seem to favor and that I appreciate are the chairs around the central counter area.  The chairs rotate and are plush and comfortable.  When I entered there were several gentlemen sitting on them and hostess was involved in conversations with a couple of them.  As a new customer came in she would greet them and ask how they are.  I was one of the few exceptions, however she welcomed me warmly and I felt very much at ease.

The booths - there are several, offer some nice privacy and are very comfortable
The booths and their high backs provide some nice privacy diners can enjoy during their visit
I really like the booths, they are comfortable, very plush, and have high backs encouraging conversation with your party
The booths are wide enough for a party of four to enjoy their breakfast and still have some decent privacy
The booths offer great seating options, but so do the counter seats, which are comfortable and where you can meet other diners
Besides the booths there are spinning plush chairs around the central counter – many of the “regular” customers which are greeted by name from the hostess sit there are can enjoy their meals with other locals
The table near the front door that can fit a couple extra folks more than some of the other spots - and the specials are just nearby
There is a small 5-plus diner table just inside the front door – above which can be seen the daily specials – I particularly enjoyed the thoughts of the  chorizo and hashbrowns and the crispy chicken burger

Maridon’s Menu

I was very grateful to find that Maridon’s features some of my favorite breakfast items.  On the menu are meals like corn beef hash (yum!!!) and biscuits and gravy (Yes, please!) and my usual – Chicken Fried Steak.  In my opinion, if a restaurant doesn’t have chicken fried steak how can it actually be considered a traditional breakfast restaurant?  Just kidding about that of course, but I’ll admit that the bar for me at any breakfast restaurant is definitely the quality of their Chicken Fried Steak.

The first page of the menu has lots of choices for sides, omelettes, and pancakes - they all sounded delicious to me!!
Many of the favorites normally requested at restaurants are on the regular menu, omelettes and pancakes for example
The chicken fried steak sounded so good and I was also anxious to try the home-fries
I was able to find my favorite – chicken fried steak, on the back of the menu along with some other favorites, hamburger steak, corn beef and hash, and biscuits and gravy – Yes Please!!

Breakfast at Maridon’s

While I enjoyed a few moments of decent internet usage (it really wasn’t very long at all) I was able to hear the hostess greet more regular folks, it’s always a nice treat to vicariously live through the interesting stories and conversations other folks have.  My food arrived very quickly – I swear it may have been ten minutes, but I couldn’t say exactly, it seemed very quick.  I was amazed at how delicious my breakfast was – it immediately brought me back to the days when I got to have breakfast with my dad while he was on the way to work in Seattle – those days are impossible to replicate, so be sure you all to appreciate them while you have them.  However, this delicious food was a great reminder and all the more reason for me to appreciate Maridon’s.  Something I’d also like to mention is that I normally prefer rye bread toasted, however I got the homemade biscuit today and was very impressed by it – it was a very large piece of cornbread – piping hot and absolutely delicious!

The food at Maridon’s was just as I remembered, perfectly cooked and delicious - the biscuit was my favorite item this morning
The Chicken Fried Steak was just amazing, tasty and crispy in all the proper ways.  The biscuit was the standout favorite for me, a large square of cornbread – the perfect accompaniment for my breakfast

Summary and Rating

Maridon’s is a place I’ve been to quite a few times, but it’s been many many years – maybe fifteen since I’ve visited.  I ate breakfast there many ties while my father was visiting me on the way through the greater Portland area on his way to Seattle.  The food brought me back to those great days.  There is plenty of parking, although the modest front of Maridon’s isn’t a reflection of it’s wonderful food and dining area inside.  The seating areas are very nice and the hostess seems to recognize everyone who comes in and greets them warmly.  I definitely recommend you visit Maridon’s, it’s atmosphere and quality of food will certainly impress any breakfast diner.  I had a fantastic five Heywillamette experience and I think you will as well.



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