Addi’s Diner – Springfield

Addi’s Diner is a place I found Saturday morning while looking for a new interesting spot.  It wasn’t too bad of a drive and the reviews were very positive.  It turns out that I completely underestimated how amazing it is and may have found a new place to visit when I’m in the Eugene or Springfield area.

Where is Addi’s Diner?

Addi’s is pretty close to the bridge that separates Springfield from Glenwood.  There was plenty of parking when we arrived around eight-thirty in the morning on a Saturday.  Though as soon as we were safely seated a line began to form with hungry breakfast seekers.

Outside Addi’s and the Entrance

As I drove by I was able to easily spot Addi’s – there’s a fantastic old Pepsi sign with Addi’s Diner just below it.

Sign for Addi’s seen from the road
Addis Diner features a classic Pepsi sign and looks fantastic from the road

The entrance to Addi’s has dozens of license plates from all over – I was able to spot most states and there are even license plates hanging form there ceiling.

License plates adorn the entrance to Addi’s Diner
There are lots of different license plates in the entrance to Addi’s Diner

Inside Addi’s Diner

Inside Addi’s is an entirely different world decorated with some of the best vintage memorabilia I’ve ever been around.  Just wonderful!!

Vintage signs and advertisements adorn the area above the coffee cup display
The first thing above the coffee cup display – and likely the first thing you’ll see are some great old advertisements, for Elvis, Coca Cola, and a vintage street sign for Burnside Avenue, ironically from Portland
Betty Boop on top of a vintage Coca Cola vending machine
Just to the left of the entrance is an amazing classic Coca Cola vending machine.  There is an adorable Betty Boop just above that, but a small anachronistic Red Bull refrigerator is next to Betty

Next to where I sat is an amazing old jukebox.  It played some great music while I was there!!  Next to the Jukebox is a list of the specials – I got (of course) the Chicken Fried Steak.  Amogs the classic decor is also an actual vintage gas pump – that was something to see!! And next to the pump was a vintage ice-chest.

At Addis there is a great vintage jukebox - next to it are the daily specials
The amazing jukebox at Addi’s
The gas pump and ice-chest at Addi’s
The gas pump at Addi’s is a favorite thing of mine – can you imagine?  Only ten cents per gallon?

One of my favorite things about Addi’s is how much of herself she’s brought to the place. While helping us I say the Atlanta Braves “A” tattooed on her hand – Real Fan Addi is.  I had to ask one of the other servers what the story is with the burned hats stuck to the ceiling.  The story goes – according to the person we asked is that Addi really dislikes the New York Yankees and whenever someone comes in wearing a hat for them it gets burned on the stove.  Some of them are (we were told) ones from her friends, but others may be from unfortunate diners.

Addi burns any New York Yankee hats she sees diners wearing
Addi’s memento to her dislike of the New York Yankees

Addis has a smaller dining area – I’d say there is enough seating space for about thirty people – with some on bench tables and others at tables.  The floor is a classic looking checkerboard pattern, and I can definitely see Addi’s being a super popular diner in the fifties and sixties.

The tables at Addi’s have curved wooden bench seats and are super comfortable
The tables at Addi’s are very comfortable vintage diner style seating areas

Across from our table above the main windows are collections of old hubcaps – what is it about hubcaps that seem so classic?  Is it that they aren’t really used anymore?

The hubcaps above the main window at Addi’s
The hubcap collection above there front window at Addi’s is pretty cool, I really liked them

At all of the tables at Addi’s have classic mini-jukeboxes at the end.  I’m not sure they work, but I know they are just like the ones that were popular in the fifties and sixties (my folks verified it).

Small jukebox on the tables at Addi’s
The small jukebox on the table didn’t seem to work, but it was an amazing addition to the decor of Addi’s
Song list on the small jukebox at the tables - just one page
The song list available on the little jukeboxes is pretty impressive, I consider myself a fan of classic music and didn’t know many of the entries

Studying the menu, huge hotcakes and chicken fried steak

I finally got around to checking out the menu (but like I already said I knew what I wanted).  There is a great selection of favorites.  There are also items I hadn’t heard of before like chicken strips and eggs (only $7.75!!) and finger steaks and eggs (also $7.75!!).  One the other side one thing you should immediately pay attention to  is the Big Plate which is a single hotcake with a couple of sides. When I say it’s absolutely not necessary to have one more than one I mean it – those hotcakes are giant – at least a foot across if not more.  Imagine a rather large plate then have a pancake hanging over the side at least four of five inches.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to photograph one =of the hotcakes, but trust me here – you will be amazed.  The other thing I wanted to point out is that Addi’s is open from four am to two pm.  They serve breakfast all day, but the best time to visit is early int he morning.

At Addis the menu is both appetizing and reasonably priced
The menu at Addi’s has lots of fantastic offerings.  The Chicken Fried Steak was calling to me though
The other side of the menu at Addi’s
The original unique offerings at Addi’s sound so amazing – almost makes me want to try something else – maybe next time!

My food arrived and was exactly as I requested – though you way want to order something besides the hash browns – which are my favorite however they also have super good home fries, and something I’d never seen in this format – but potato skins.  Those looked super good, but I decided to stick, with my favorites, and they even cooked the hash browns crispy which is just he way I like it.

My breakfast at Addi’s turned out wonderfully
Everything was extremely tasty at Addi’s.  It’s no wonder there is a line out the door to get a seat at times.  If I lived any closer I’d be there every day!

My dad ended up getting a cheese omelet with the home fries and once I tried them I was determined to Gert back to Addi’s and try more of their fantastic food!

Cheese omelet and home fries are a great breakfast
The home fries looked (and tasted) amazing and the biscuits are homemade every day

Summary and Rating

Addi’s was everything I love about classic American diners.  It’s got a homey warm feeling to the decor and I really enjoyed how she kept it classy.  I like the way her personality shows through in the minor destruction of her hated rival baseball team.  The food and selections to order were just amazing and I cannot stress though how huge the hotcakes are.  Massive.  Addi’s is a great place and it deserves the five Heywillamettes I’ll award it.  You’ll be very satisfied and appreciate the modest prices at Addi’s.  She has figured out a perfect combination of decor, food, and pricing.  Definitely worth going to again and again.



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