Helvetia Tavern – Hillsboro

I’ve been to Helvetia Tavern before, and wanted to visit again to give you all a review of it.  It’s located a mile or two north of Highway twenty-six from Hillsboro along Brookwood, which changes to Helvetia Road north of Highway twenty-six.

Where is Helvetia Tavern?

I arrived around three o’clock in the afternoon after work and found that the parking lot had quite a few spots available – it’s a large parking lot with lots of extra space for folks to park, so unless there is a special event happening, you’re almost certain to find a spot in the lot.  Once I parked I was able to see the beautiful vintage neon sign on the front of the building.

Outside Helvetia Tavern

Helvetia Tavern neon sign
I wasn’t able to see the sign lit, but I can imagine it would be quite a sight along Helvetia road.

Behind Helvetia tavern is a very extensive seating area that is over twenty-one only, and I didn’t get a chance to visit it, but it’s worth mentioning.  There is a separate entrance for the outside area where folks can enter and sit outside with their beverages and food.

In front of the restaurant area are several two person seating spots.  They are comfy and all covered by a large overhang – which would keep the sun off in the afternoons quite nicely.

Front outside seating area
The seats in front are metal and available to use all year round – there is a nice covered area as well out from that will keep customers either out of the sun or dry on rainy days

Inside Helvetia Tavern

I went inside and the first thing I noticed was the plethora – yeah, I know how many are in a plethora, LOTS, of hats fastened to the ceiling.  Like years and years worth of customers visiting to accumulate all of those hats.  The amount is staggering, and there are quite a few more in the bar area – I’m told.  The only spot where there’s no hats – or at least, less, is where the ceiling fans are – and in those spots there are hardhats, which

Hats on the ceiling
I can’t begin to count these hats, and this is only one room – in the restaurant area there’s at least two more rooms of the same size

I found a spot and grabbed a seat.  The pot I chose was next to the wall and super comfortable.  It was a bench seat that had quite a few spots available for folks.

Bench seat at Helvetia Tavern
The bench seating along the far wall from the entrance is super comfortable – it’s possible at least five or six customers can sit along this bench

From where I was sitting there was a very nice table to my left where eight more diners could have their meal.  As I scanned around the place it looks like there is space for at least twenty or more diners.  The ambiance here is comfortable and charming, and I was really looking forward to trying their hamburgers.

Table near window
The tables at Helvetia tavern are heavy and solid and the perfect height. They are shiny and clean
Inside Helvetia Tavern
There is room for at least twenty at the restaurant side of the Helvetia Tavern

There are several bar stools at the higher seating area near the kitchen and an ATM between the bathroom doors, which is handy because Helvetia Tavern only accepts cash or check.

Menu and Dinner!

Finally I stopped gawking and got a chance to browse the menu.  The thing that most folks mention in reviews is the jumbo burger, but I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t that hungry and could not imaging trying to finish anything called “jumbo”.  So I ended up ordering a regular cheeseburger, fries and ice tea.

Helvia Tavern menu
The menu has some fantastic offerings like the jumbo burger, folks claim that is the best thing at Helvetia Tavern and I’m anxious to go back and give it a try

When my burger arrived I was very pleased. The bun was soft and delicious.  The burger itself tasted fresh and cooked to perfection.  The fries are home-made and were just crispy enough.  Just wonderful!  Best burger I’ve had in a while.

Cheeseburger and fries meal
The lunch was amazing, fresh homemade fries, fresh soft bun and perfectly cooked burger and delicious strong ice-tea.

Summary and Rating

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner at Helvetia Tavern.  The location, just outside of Hillsboro is very easy to find and there is tons of parking spots there.  Inside is plenty of seating and there is a massive number of hats hanging off the ceiling, making for a very original display.  The food was great and I very much enjoyed my meal.  Don’t forget to bring your cash or checkbook, even though there is an ATM there Helvetia Tavern only accepts cash or checks.  Helvetia Tavern definitely deserves the four and a half Heywillamettes I’ll award it and it’s very positively recommended.




  1. This business has been there a very long time. I visit North Plains quite often. Will stop in for a burger on my next trip. While I enjoy the read the photo’s are fantastic.

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