In Front of the Trask Mountain Outpost

Trask Mountain Outpost – Yamhill

Directions to Trask Mountain Outpost

The drive from Hillsboro to Yamhill was somewhat foggy this cool and brisk late February morning.  I drove the Bronco, finally able to be confident it was somewhat reliable.  I drove past the Screaming Chicken in Gaston to head to the Track Mountain Outpost in Yamhill.  It’s a quick 30 minute drive down highway 47 from Hillsboro.

Outside Trask Mountain Outpost

Trask Mountain Outpost exterior
Trask Mountain Outpost has great parking and a covered area outside.

The outside of Trask Mountain Outpost has a large seating area where groups or couple or anyone really can sit and be out of doors and gather in a comfortable dry area and enjoy the outdoors.  There is seating for 15 or 20 people and a warming spot as well if things get chilly.

Covered Area Outside Trask Mountain Outpost
The covered area in front of Trask Mountain Outpost can fix quite a few people.


The menu features some surprising items and some favorites.  Everything is homemade and even with that the food arrived surprisingly quick.   There is an appetizer’s menu and a late night menu with special sized items and different prices. 

Breakfast Menu
The Trask Mountain Outpost has some fantastic offerings for breakfast like The Grazer, Haystack platter, and Trask Mountain platter.
The Trask Mountain Outpost has a great selection of appetizers and even late night specials.

Inside Trask Mountain Outpost

The waitresses know everyone’s name who walks in and most of their favorite dishes as well.  She enjoyed the interaction with the customers and engaged them all with some favorite banter and took the time to share special moments with a favorite memory or anecdote.  The decor works well for the menu – its rustic and cabin like.  Warm wood interiors combined with rough-hewn uprights and antler chandeliers evoke rustic mountain outpost feelings and one craves a thick steak after a successful hunt.  The booths are large and comfortable even for a stout gentleman like myself.  There are even homemade cinnamon rolls, muffins, and other tasty treats for sale at the register for those with a sweet tooth!

Inside Trask Mountain Outpost
Inside the Trask Mountain Outpost is a warm inviting wood interior – notice the antler chandeliers.
Trask Mountain Outpost interior looking at the booths
Looking along the boots from my table, the large windows can be seen.
Interior looking at booth
The booths at Trask Mountain Outpost are large and comfortable.
Pastries at the checkout
Fantastic selection of pastries created daily.


Having eaten here before, and knowing everything is fantastic I elected to try my favorite – chicken fried steak.  It arrived quickly and I was doubly surprised at how good the food was – just fantastic!   My request was for crispy cottage potatoes and they were cooked to perfection.  The eggs were in a patty shape and I was very pleased with the texture and flavor.

Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast
The Chicken Fried Steak platter at Trask Mountain Outpost is fantastic!!

Summary and Rating

Trask Mountain Outpost has great food and some very interesting specials.  The ambiance felt just like being in a traditional hunting lodge.  Overall I give Trask Mountain Outpost five HeyWillamettes for their great interiors, wonderful home-cooked food, super quick friendly service, and fantastic outdoors seating.


One comment

  1. This is definitely one of our family’s favorite places to eat!! I’ve never been disappointed by them!! Except the one time I asked for my bacon to be crisp….they chef put it in the deep fryer 🤣😆!! But they were just tryin to make the customer happy!!
    Everything is delicious!! And their salads are so bomb!! If ya haven’t tried this place, ya gotta DOOOOO ITTTTTT!!! 😋🤤😋🤤😋🤤


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